Stargate Command

Joint Chiefs of Staff created the Stargate Command – or SGC – was formed with the directive to seek out and. recover intelligence and technology to assist Earth in its defense against alien threats, establish friendly trade relations with off-world species, discover new medical and energy technologies, and chart new, uninhabited worlds suitable For colonization. The Stargate Command oversees the operation of all forces using the Stargate and possesses operational authority over all missions undertaken by those forces. More than anything else, the SGC is the Earth’s first line of defense against any alien species that may seek to do it harm, those species intending to utilize the gate or another means to attack the planet. The SGC’s exposure to new technology and heretofore unheard-of cultures makes them the foremost authorities on dangers from beyond the stars. In the event of a disaster so dire that the future of humanity is held in the balance, the SGC is also ready to ensure the continued existence of our people. Special off-world bases exist so that human survivors may escape this world and start anew.

Contacting the ancient people of Earth remains a top priority as well. In ancient times, the Goa’uld and other races abducted and “seeded” humans on different planets all across the galaxy. The sac seeks to re-establish relations with these long-lost brethren; though many are still primitive, they may provide powerful insight as to the history of Earth’s people or even additional information on the Goa’uld threat.

Through the SGC, several key advances in technology have already been made, and attacks against the Earth repelled. Today is the dawning of a new age of understanding about the universe and our place in it. The scope of Stargate Command is so much more than simply a vessel to use the Stargate – it represents the best that humanity has to offer and stands at the forefront or our persistent dream of travelling beyond the stars of our own solar system.

StarGate 21